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Italian Sausage with Fresh Green Peppers.

Personal Pizza-Margherita - Smitty's Pizza-Sauce

10'' Vegetable

Want your very own and made your own way? Order our 10``

Smitty's Pizza Dessert - FrittisCinnamon and Sugar

Smitty's Frittis

Add Dessert to your Meal. Clarksburg's Favorite!

Original Smittys -1912

Our Story

Looking closely at the photo reveals a sign 'ICE CREAM'. This is how the Smitty's Pizza Building looked back in 1912.

Since Dominick 'Smitty' Brunetti purchased it in 1970 for $3,000, it has undergone major renovations including an addition and an upstairs apartment.

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The Beginnings of Smitty's Pizza

Smitty took out a loan and by purchasing a used four burner stove and other kitchen e

Aug 23 - 2022,     0

Event: The 43rd WV Italian Heritage Festival

Our hometown, Clarksburg, is having their 43rd WV Italian Heritage Festival this upco

Aug 29 - 2022,     0

Announcement: Pizza Give-A-Way

Smitty's Pizza is having a Pizza Contest Giveaway.

Aug 29 - 2022,     0
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