Frittis are those deep fried yummy doughnuts mom used to make. She fried them mainly for breakfast. Here in Clarksburg, it’s not unusual to indulge in the delightful treat.

Smitty's Pizza Dessert - Frittis
Frittis – Fried Doughnuts


They are a yeast doughnut that is deep fried and typically dusted with sugar or sugar and cinnamon. Fritti, plural of Fritto, originates in Italy meaning food that is fried or deep fried. We credit our American Italian Ancestors for this recipe.

A West Virginia Thing 

The term Fritti must be a West Virginia thing though, because it is difficult to find a similar recipe as to what I ate as a child. The closest to “Fritti” is a “Bombe Fritte- meaning fried bombs (no hole).” 


Smitty’s Pizza keeps the tradition going. Frittis make a great dessert or breakfast food. See the menu for additional details.

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